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How to prepare food before putting it in the freezer?

When freezing foods, use a freezer wrap that is air/moisture/vapor-proof, such as freezer bags, aluminum foil or select airtight containers. Force as much air out of packages or containers as possible and be sure they are tightly sealed. Trapped air can cause the food to dry out.

Fresh meats and poultry can be left in the original store wrapping when freezing for less than 2 weeks. For longer freezer storage, wrap additionally with a suitable freezer wrap.

The refrigerator freezer compartment should be lower than -15ºC with an optimum temperature of -13ºC. Check the temperature by placing appropriate thermometer between two frozen items. Read after a day. If needed, adjust the temperature/air control setting and check the temperature after another day.

Is there a correct way to load the freezer?

Actually, yes! You should avoid adding too much warm food to the freezer. This slows the rate of freezing and can raise the temperature of already frozen foods. The result is lower food quality. Put packages in the coldest part of the freezer first (against the walls or bottom of the compartment). Leave space between packages for cold air circulation.

Also, avoid storing hard-to-freeze items such as ice cream and orange juice on the freezer door shelves. These foods are best stored in the freezer interior where the temperature variation is minimum with door openings.

What To Do when Your Refrigerator Stops Working?

You won't necessarily have to throw out all your food! But in the event of a power failure or appliance malfunction, you may need to take steps to ensure the safety of perishable foods.
If the power will be restored or a service technician can repair it within a few hours, don't worry - just ensure to keep the doors closed.
After the refrigerator begins working again, examine the food. Meat or poultry that still contains ice crystals may be refrozen. Completely thawed foods should be cooked. After cooking, they can be frozen again.
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Important note:

Please follow instructions given in user manual when you are attempting to service or repair your refrigerator or its part. If you need more clarification, please contact our authorized service provider for assistance.

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Do not repair or replace any part of the refrigerator or attempt any service unless specifically recommended in user manual that you understand and have necessary skills to do so.


If not, and in case of more assistance, please contact an authorized service provider.


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