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FAQ's : Godrej Air Conditioner

Q. Air-Conditioner doesn't start at all

Q. The fan runs but there cold air isn't coming out

Q. The air is cool but doesn't seem to be adequately cold

Q. Little water dropping around inside room

Q. The air-conditioner tries to start for a few seconds and then stops

Q. A motor is running but there is no air blowing

Q. The air-conditioner vibrates when it cuts off

Q. Water leaks out the front of the air-conditioner

Q. The air smells stale

Q. Can I run my air conditioner through out the year?

Q. What capacity of air conditioner do I require?

Q. My unit won't turn on, or off, consistently when I press the remote button, or when I change the temperature?

Q. The temperature on the remote shows a lower temperature than the one I have set on the remote, but the air-conditioner stops heating or cooling

Q. How do I contact I-Sense Customer Support?

Q. May I know what is EER?

Q. What is the warranty on Godrej air-conditioner?

Q. How often should I clean the air-filter?

Q. Can my air conditioner be installed into a wall? And do I need to call any installation team?

Q. How long do new air conditioners typically last?

Q. What do I have to do for maintenance?

Q. Who do I contact for maintenance or repairs?

Q. What is COP?

Q. Do refrigerants harm the ozone layer?

Q. Explain the difference between air-conditioning and comfort cooling?

Q. What is the difference between I-TREC and I-SENSE model air-conditioners?

Q. The Air Conditioner sometimes switches itself off even though it hasn't reached the set temperature and then won't start up again?

Q. Are I-Sense Air Conditioners covered by a warranty?

Q. How do I process a warranty claim?

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