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Consumer Service at Godrej Appliances is recognized as the key building block in building the brand and our bonding with the consumer. Over the years we at Godrej have nurtured and invested in consumer service and made it a part of our brand DNA. The measure of success achieved through such investments is the growth in our business over the years and an expanding family of satisfied Godrej members who have been using our appliances.

While consumer service has provided us with leading edge competitive advantage vis-à-vis competition, we encourage and respect escalations from the customers if any which will act as focal points for our service delivery, design and manufacturing teams to reset the benchmarks continuously.

We promise you that all escalations are taken seriously and your satisfaction is guaranteed as per the guidelines of our business.

We will be communicating with you immediately by mail or by phone or by visiting you to solve your queries.

Feel free to communicate with us at smartcare@godrej.com

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Mr. Ravi Bhat
National Head – Appliance Service

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