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In Godrej Appliances, Consumer Service is not a job. It is our opportunity for bonding with the consumer. Over the years we at Godrej have nurtured and invested in Consumer Service. The expanding family of satisfied Godrej consumers who have been using our appliances are testimony to the fact that today they acknowledge it as a part of our Brand DNA.

The Godrej Brand of Consumer Appliance Service has been christened to "SmartCare" to signify this objective of Reaching you – with Service for a better living.

"SmartCare" steps in with a desire to provide answers to customers Appliance Service needs.

Appliances Services

When your domestic appliance like refrigerator, washing machine or air-conditioner fails to work, it is always necessary to spend some time in deciding whom to call for service. You have known through the newspapers and various other media that many times service technicians rip-off customers. The best way to overcome such situation is to become a knowledgeable customer.

Price need not be the only consideration while requesting service. Our website will tell you what options are available to try to help you decide what route should be taken.

Our extensive Smart Tips section may help you avoid expensive repairs or even the need for service entirely. In order to save your monthly electricity bill, we have provided Energy Saving Tips that are easy to practice.

We believe in customer relations and with the same belief, the Service Products section can help you in knowing details of service contracts and accessories we have for customers like you. The terms and conditions of the warranty and optional service contracts are listed under Service Support section. If you have simply forgotten how to operate your appliance and you've misplaced the instructions, our Use & Care Guide part will help in pointing you to resources to order.

To enable you to know more on current events of our service you may refer to the section titled Service News where you will gather information on the necessity of change in refrigeration technology, service training programs etc. Also frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ part.

If you are the hands-on type and want to attempt to repair your appliance yourself, the Problem Solver section is the best resource you could look for. Along with the Smart Tips section, you should be well on your way to repairing your domestic appliance yourself. However for any reason you need our assistance please refer to Contact us section.

For those desiring to purchase new appliances, Helpful Shopping Guide will be linked that is useful. The On-line Service Request enables our customers to register a service call, in case of any problem, guidance-required etc. Finally, you will be able to send us your feedback on our service through On-line Survey part of the website.

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