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There are multiple options available for service Registration. Please go to contact us.

Warranty term depends on the product category and Model. Please go to Downloads to know the warranty terms of your Product.

Kindly register a service call. Our technician will visit your place and assist you for the specific spares required for your existing lock with you.

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We respond within 5 Min of call registration via SMS and resolve the service complaint within 48 working Hrs for standard calls* (Door and site should be ready for installation, time awaiting spares are excluded from this norm)

Emergency opening in cases of Locked out or Locked in the house, are attended within 2 Hrs during daytime and within 4 Hrs during night hours. * (Subject to verification process of house owner) Refer Service charges under Downloads section.

Go to contact us and register a call for warranty registration. You need to do this within 2 days of installation. * (Warranty void from day 1 if locks are Installed / Repaired / Opened by unauthorized technicians.) you will receive a call from our authorized executive to record warranty related details of product and give you a Warranty Registration No. You need to produce this No. every time when demanded by Godrej Trained Technician. Please refer Warranty terms under Downloads section.

Go to Contact Us and register a call for 'Home Safety Assessment'. Our Safety Expert will visit your home to evaluate the type of Door and essential safety requirement to suggest you a suitable product. He will also offer discount at prevailing offer going on at that time and free home delivery.

In an event of lost key / misplaced key, there are chances of it getting misused by an unauthorized person. Therefore, it is highly recommended to change the cylinder / lock with the new key in such cases.

For making extra key with the help of Original sample key, kindly visit KDC locator section or contact our 24 hours Toll free number 18002094543 who would guide you.

Immediately contact our 24x7 toll free number 18002094543 / 18002095511 and book your request for Force opening / Emergency opening.

The master keying solutions are customized solutions offered by Godrej. For placing an order for locks under Master key, kindly contact our Business Development team who would book your request for new locks and our manufacturing team will produce the locks under Master key solutions. Post the delivery and installation of locks, you may use master key / individual key as per your requirement. For more details, please visit to know more about Master keying solutions.

Visit to Contact Us tab on this page or call our 24x7 toll free number 18002094543 / 18002095511 and book your request for Repairing.

Locks Service Charges

  • Always use recommended knives & scissors as per the application.
  • In coastal areas, protect your products by keeping them enclosed in dry environment.
  • The products to be sharpened by professionals to ensure best performance.
  • Keep the products in a safe, dry & clean place. This will avoid the products damage and prevent accidents.
  • Keep the products away from children's reach. Children to use the products under adult surpervision.
  • Keep the products away from fire & heat.
  • While using the products, always use personal protective equipments to prevent injuries.
  • Always hold the products by its handle. Avoid contact with the blade to prevent injuries.
  • Always wash the knife thoroughly under cold running water immediately after use. Dish-washing liquid can be used to clean greasy substance on blade surface.
  • Always wipe clean the knife blade with soft clean cloth immediately after washing to prevent staining of blades.
  • Always use chopping board to prevent knife edges from getting blunt.
  • While cleaning in dishwashers, follow instructions given by dishwasher manufacturer for cleaning cutlery items. Remove knives immediately after drying cycle.
  • Always store knives in wooden block, or in drawer cutlery organisers or on magnetic holder.
  • For pushing chopped ingredients into pan, always flip the knife around and use its spine.
  • Always store scissors in drawer cutlery organisers, desk organisers, stationery holders etc
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe scissors blade immediately after use to prevent build-up of lint, hair and other debris that can get caught in the pivot area and interfere with the way the scissors performs.
  • Use cold pressed oils/WD 40 to lubricate the scissors periodically at the rivet joint and between the blades. Wipe excess oil/WD 40 off the blades to prevent staining.
  • Do not use the products on hard surfaces like metal, natural or artificial stones etc.
  • Do not cut electrical wires, metal blades or metal sheets using the products.
  • Do not keep the products moist or wet.
  • Do not drop the products. This will cause product damage and injury.
  • Do not let children to use the products as toys.
  • Do not force cut. This will damage the products.
  • Do not use the products other than its intended use.
  • Do not use abrasive material to clean the products.
  • Do not keep the products uncleaned for longer duration after they were in contact with salty and acidic food items. This may cause permanent staining of blades.
  • Do not use the products as screw-driver, plier, can-opener, bottle opener etc

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