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Protection Plan

Type and period of 'Appliance protection plan' for Godrej Washing Machine

  • If your washing machine is within 2 years of purchase (within warranty) you can enter into Extended Warranty Scheme* to offer your Appliance complete warranty till the end of 4th year.
  • If your washing machine is beyond 2 years of purchase, you can opt for Annual Maintenance Contract* for a period of 1 year or 2 years.

What's covered and not covered under
'Appliance protection plan?'


  • Semi Automatic - Wash motor, Spin motor, Wash Timer, Spin Timer, Mechanical assembly, Buzzer, Capacitor and Bellow assembly.
  • Fully Automatic - Control Card, Program Timer, Motor, Water level sensor, Mechanical assembly, on / off switch, Capacitor, Inlet valve, Drain Valve, Geared Motor, Transformer and Suspension set.
  • Front Load - Motors, Inlet valve, Control Card, Water level sensor, Heating coil, Temperature Sensor and Door lock.


  • Outer Cabinet, Aesthetic Components, Plastic and Glass parts.


  • No service Charges for the parts covered in the Plan.
  • 50% discount on the service charges for the part not covered in the plan.


  • No transportation pertaining to parts covered under plan.
  • For other parts not covered by plan, transportation as per our rate schedule.


  • Check for Voltage, Current & earthing at point of supply.
  • Check the functioning of Timers (spin & wash).
  • Check working for Wash - Rinse - Spin cycle.
  • Check & explain leveling of washing machine.
  • Check for V - belt tension.
  • Lint filter cleaning.
  • Check for wash actions.
  • Give usage & economy tips for better & effective performance.
* 1 Preventive Maintenance Visit per year