Digital Door Locks

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To book service request customers can Get in touch with us

Yes, we do give assistance under our 'Home Safety Check-up' Campaign to the customers residing in serviceable territory.

Our team responds within 5 Minute of call registration via SMS and provide the solution within 24 working hrs. for Urban territories and within 48 hours for Rurban territories. In case of Emergency services, we attend the site within 2 hrs. during the day and within 4 hrs. during the night. (Subject to verification process of house owner)
* For installation service request Door and site should be ready for installation.
* Refer Service charges

Warranty terms depends on the category and model of the product. Customer can check the product packaging for the warranty terms

Yes, you can register your warranty request with our 24/7 toll free number 18002095511.

You can avail our emergency opening services in case of any such situation by contacting our 24/7 Toll free number 18002095511.

In an event of loss of key / misplaced key, It is highly recommended to change the cylinder / lock. To avail this service, you may register a service request

Yes, the warranty of digital lock can be extended. To know more, kindly Get in touch with us

In case the battery of the lock is dead you can either use portable power like power bank or kindly Get in touch with us. It is advisable to replace the batteries when lock is giving low battery indication.
  • A lock should be installed by a Godrej trained technician only (By the company Authorized Technicians) .
  • Install the lock only when door and frame are levelled correctly.
  • For periodic cleaning and lubrication of the lock spray ‘ZORRIK88’ / ‘WD40’/ ‘CRC’/ ‘RUSTLICK631’ in the keyhole, insert the key and operate the lock several times.
  • Lock masking should be done before varnishing and painting the door or/ and interiors to maintain the original finish and smooth operation of the lock .
  • Keep power bank with you for emergency opening of digital lock.
  • To maintain secrecy of your password, Use the spy code feature.
  • For greater safety keep changing the user password at regular basis.
  • For proper home Safety; the Door, door frame and lock on the door should be strong and in good condition
  • Do not install the lock in under construction or renovation sites .
  • Do not open the lock with anything other than its own designated key.
  • Do not hammer on the screw head to install the lock.
  • Do not apply excessive force on the key to open the lock.
  • Do not close the door/ drawer/ cabin when the bolts of the lock are in open condition, this could damage the lock mechanism.
  • Do not apply any oil in case the lock is jammed. Call the toll-free number instead for help.
  • Do not share your passwords with anyone.
  • Do not operate a digital lock with wet hands, as there may be an issue while entering the password or fingerprint.
  • Do not operate the lock with wet hands
Tips on how to keep your home Safe
  • Change the locks, when you move in a new house.
  • Consider installing safety door for your house it will give you additional security.
  • Do not open storwels /safes in front of servants or unknown visitors.
  • Employ domestic servant only after police verification.
  • Engage maintenance staff only after personal verification.
  • Always keep your valuables in safe or deposit the same in a safe deposit locker at the bank.
Keeping you and your family secure
  • Install branded locks on doors and put safety grill on windows. Also consider a door chain and a viewer for added security.
  • Fit a burglar alarm and ensure that the burglar knows you have one by putting the bell box in a highly visible place.
  • Do not give access of your keys by hiding it anywhere outside of your house.
  • When you are away from your house do not leave any notes on your door. Also keep your neighbors inform of your absence.
  • When you are away close the curtains and leave lights on a timer to give the illusion that the house is occupied.